I played with the FosilMan!

    • NejTilSvampe
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      Last tuesday on pokerstars I was playing at a $1/$2 SD2-7 table, and all of the sudden Greg Raymer shows up. Non of my friends believe me so I was wondering if it's possible to somehow convert the hand history into a video or something. I've seen it on pokertube.com but not sure how to do it
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    • jonnyjm
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      Poker tracker replayer hand historey...

      or export hand historey to a replayer.
    • MikeB570
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      In case something like that ever happens again you could also take a screenshot. You do that by pressing "Print Screen" or "PRTSC" on your keyboard. Then open mspaint and paste it. You then have a screenshot of whatever was on your screen when you pressed the button.

      On pokertube just make an account and I'm sure it's pretty easy.