Should I have folded QQ

    • ExLeper
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      The blinds are 50/100.

      I'm in the Cut-Off position with 1000 in chips. If I've understood things correcty that should put my in the last phase. Fold or Push.

      Everyone folds until MP3 - whose not been too tight, nor aggressive, who goes all in with 750.

      I have QQ and I have his all-in covered.

      Should I have folded? or did I do that right thing?
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    • Octhellior
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      There's only 2 hands that beat you, so no, you should not have folded.

      He could have pushed any pocket pair or any ace with a stack like that
    • Zyklox
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      I would have instant called. It may be a bluff, he wants your blinds, and he is so short he would push any two. When he sees a low pocket, and ace or some high suited connecters he will push. If he has AA og KK its just bad luck.