I apologise...

    • Biofear
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      Hey guys,
      A half hour ago i screwed up in a SSS NL 25 training with IngolMax. I´m new in this game and in this comunnity.
      I feel sorry about what i did. I will try to explain you what i did in my bad english (Sorry for that).

      I was listeing to IngolMax in the SSS NL 25 FTP trainning, and it was so exiting (cause it was my first live training). So i made a bad mistake join the table and playing with him while i was listening him.
      Even Worth was when he rise a hand and i re- rise (because a had a AK in BU) , so he fold.
      He get angry (totally right) in banned me from chat. (I tranfered him 5 usd to his account of course).

      I dindt know that i cant join a training (Now, thinking coldly i must not do that obviusly).

      I apologise to IngloMax and all comunnity, ´cause i scrwed up baddly and it won´t happend again.

      I would like to talk to IngolMax in prived to explain him that i´m a big fish!!!.

      Sorry to IngloMax and to all!!!

      Kind Regards,

      Nico. (Argentinian fish).

      PD: I hope you understand my english.
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    • Berliner1982
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      Hello Biofear,

      I was talking with IngolPoker and others concerning this matter and evaluating the situation. In this individual case I will allow you to attend our live coachings again.

      Since you admitted your mistake and convinced me that it was a honest mistake, I hope you used that break from using our live coaching, to learn from that mistake.

      I want to point out, that usually you would be banned from the coaching forever. I can assure you, that next time the consequences will be harder, in order to be fair to all of our members.

      Kind regards,
      Live-Coaching Coordinator