My biggest downswing so far

    • radyan111
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      Just a few weeks ago I had 25 buy-ins for NL50 and started taking shots, was break-even for a while but i decided to move down cause I didn't feel confident enough.

      So I went back to NL25 and then the downswing begun.
      My 5 last sessions look like that:

      I start thinking that I'm doind something wrong... I started to play tighter, avoiding difficult decisions and so on, but that does not seem to help. I know the samplesize is small but it's -20BB/100!

      Did you have similiar experiences? What did you do? What do you advise?
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    • Fongie
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      I had one on nl25 too, 16 BIs and had to move down to NL10. Took a break and came back stronger than before. Make sure you analyse your game or get someone to do it for you, because you tend to make bad decisions you aren't even aware of when on a downswing. Playing tighter and avoiding marginal decisions might be a leak created by your downer.

      Most importantly, don't play until you feel you can approach the game with a positive attitude, and you actually feel like playing poker.
    • Faye6891
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      Originally posted by Fongie
      Playing tighter and avoiding marginal decisions might be a leak created by your downer.

      Don't change the way you play because you're on a downswing, you will end up losing value in a lot of spots. Best advice I can give you is make suse you're making the correct decisions, the outcome doesn't really matter. I won't say anymore because I'll end up repeating what Fongie just said :P .

      But if it makes you feel better I'm on downswing right now too, around $1.3k down on NL100 and ~5k hands.
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      Thats my august,helps??

      By MrGeros
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      Graphs in bbs would be more interesting to watch.