10K freeroll crapshoot

    • racenutalways
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      Does anyone read the teaching articles that this site has gone out of their way to help you become a better player???
      The 10K FR was way too hilarious, calling stations calling 3-5, K3, 4-7 all from EP.
      Guess the teaching articles are only for the beginners and not tended for the know it alls. Insta callled all-in K3 on a 6-8-k flop. Thinking not required as TP3K must be good. LOL
      Guess the 2100$ 1st place money means nothing to some. I remembered why I never play these, it's a waste of time. How many times you see the all-in any hand gurus shove any two cards in hopes of catching and getting lucky.
      No skill required to play FRs, it's all based on luck and luck only.
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