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lost 15 BI on NL10 XD!

    • Cpwpoker
      Joined: 04.06.2009 Posts: 749
      Just finished the Biggest Bonus ever on Full tilt poker.

      Got a bankroll of 170$ and decided to move on from NL5 to NL10.

      And i soon as i started i lost 15 buy-in.

      The 15 buy-in lost was due to bad beat and wrong played hand.

      So in this thread i will write all my flaws so that everyday will read it and try to correct my flaws.

      1st i think i play too passively.I'm too scared >_<!Got AJ SB no raise before i will just call just because i'm scared that the limper raise me back and i lost some bucks.

      2nd I play out of position too much. Playing 10 J UTG to get raise on MP and had to fold. ---> This i have corrected it a little during the last 3hours of play.

      3rd I play too much small pair. As the odds to get a set is 7:1 i tell myself if i play for the set and no1 raise i will get 3 blind each 7 small pair but it is far from reality not always will they go all in when you have a set >_<

      4th I don't think about what hand my oppenents can have with the current board, i'm focused too much with my own hand.

      5th Should stop to all-in with 10 10 99 whenever some1 raised before me.

      6th Should stop to all-in with AK preflop whenever there is a raise before me as I NEVER HIT AK and my OPPONENT WILL ALWAYS HITS AK WHENEVER HE HAS AK xD ! lol this is my own observation XP

      7th Full tilt don't like me so he want me to be always on tilt when on tilt should stop to play instead of wanting to get my money back xD

      8th Should stop to watch my cashier each minute which cause me to go on tilt as i see my Bankrolll Being decreased with the blinds.

      9th Should stop to think negatively whenever i go all in xD !Like i have kk my opponent have AK all in preflop i tell myself tsk an ACE will appear i'm sure of it.

      10th should be more patient.

      Phew got a lot of flaw so much that i can't imagine more whenever i will find a flaw i will put it on this thread.

      Just for information i play on Full Tilt trying to play 100 BI SSS because i lost often on full tilt >_<
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    • daytripper84
      Joined: 16.09.2008 Posts: 24
      Well, this is why bankroll management is very helpful. Even though you went on a 15 buy in downswing, it is BRM that kept you afloat, so that is one of the more commendable parts of your game. Also regarding your decision to use 100 BRM...I think this is overdoing it quite a bit, as #1, you will be stuck at the same limits for an extremely long time, and #2, you may be playing in limits too easy for your skill level. Bankroll management is there to help you avoid downswings, not to keep you from winning and moving up limits.

      A second thing is that it is very helpful is instead of blaming your downswing on variance, you have been analyzing your own mistakes and figured out why you have lost so many BI so quickly. even if half of the losses are due to bad beats, that's half the losses that were caused by your mistakes, so the best way you can become a winning player is by learning to limit your losses. eg. if you are up 1 or 2 buy ins for the day, and you have an all in situation with 35% chance of winning, don't go for it and think that you have a "free roll" chance since you are +EV; protecting your winnings and limiting your losses are as important as winning them in the first place, if not more so.

      Also, it may be a good idea to reread some of the bronze/silver SSS articles, if this is the strategy you intend to follow. If I were you, (assuming you have a bankroll of more than $100 or thereabouts), I would consider switching to big stack strategy on SH or FR tables. What I found is that it seems to be a much bigger grind, and you have to run more tables at once at the same time, to do SSS than BSS. And also, as so many players on NL10 and NL25 seem to be doing SSS, its better to just make the switch to BSS early on; as it is hard to go broke if you are following proper BRM, and especially at NL2, even the fishy tight-aggressive players have a fairly decent winrate, as all it takes is ABC poker to win on these lower limits, nothing fancy.

      So, in the end, what you are doing is correct, and commendable. Fix your leaks, analyze your game, and eventually you will become a +EV player. Downswings happen. But if they are to happen, let it be because of other players mistakes, not your own.

      Good luck at the tables sir :f_cool:
    • Cpwpoker
      Joined: 04.06.2009 Posts: 749
      Thanks for you advice.

      I think you are totally right.I know my game has a lot of flaws that why i made this post.

      Writing your flaws instead of just thinking about it has a better impact lol.

      And I was always the type to think that i'm right until someone tell me that i'm wrong.

      When i just start to play i play a solid poker then after a few bad beat my poker game become less and less good playing too many marginal hand and thinking about miracle turn and river.

      I'm playing with the 100 BI because i'm trying something xD