1$ turbo SnG

    • Flipzors
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      Since I received the $50 starting capitol, I've played in a bunch of the 1$ SnG.

      I follow the strategy outlined for SnG basics and I find that by the time I'm at the push or fold phase there's still up to 8 other players at the table.

      Due to the turbo blinds, I've played a bunch of games when I didn't even get a decent hand and get practically blinded out.

      The games that I've placed, I was able to win a few hands earlier and able to steal the low stacks blinds.

      Anyone have any suggestions for turbo 1$ SnG's?

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    • bluffalot123
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      yea dnt bother with them if u want to play sng's party poker aint the place untill the $6+ BI games where the rake is lower
    • lennonac
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      These sng's can be beaten even with the high rake.

      Early on it is not worth getting involved except with premium hands.
      Learn ICM as this is the only way to beat these.

      If you do double up early that is great. The extra chips won are not worth in $ value as much as your original chips
      So if you double early from 1500 to 3000 then the extra 1500 is worth around 80% of the orginal 1500(This is asuming that you knocked 1 player out and all other stacks are around level)

      So you have 1500 that is only worth 1200, with these extra chips you can open your range a little, steel some more blinds etc.

      Hope this helps a little
    • Swire
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      What does ICM mean? Ive never used this sort of strategy in sng's or cash.
    • lennonac
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      independant chip model, its the idea of giving each chip at the table a $value as according to the prize pool. Just search it on the internet and when you get to silver i think it is you can read the strategys on here
    • s1ndr0me
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      I use LongHUD and play the $3 "Speed" games that have 5 min blinds.
    • mazzadude
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      same mate, and I tend to cash in about %80 of these I enter, they are pretty easy money.
    • sshnugsi
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      I'm down to my last $8 after sooooo many bad beats....this morning it was AA to 97 all-in pre-flop (97 hits 2 pair), and QQ to 1010 also all in pre-flop (1010 hits set).

      I'm soon realising the variance and suckouts in poker make it exciting yet so very frustrating. Forget about leaks, you need good luck!

      Had a go at the cash games and I find them too boring to play for too long, especially when you get dead cards for ages, then hit good cards like KK only to lose to AA :)

      anyway, thanks for the $50 PokerStrategy!
    • DonDur
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      What's the LongHUD???
    • s1ndr0me
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      LongHUD is a HUD/starting hand chart trainer. It's by a german guy and the app is semi endosed by pokerstrategy.de. It has its own thread in the software section. It is also in the allowed section of pokerstars 3rd party apps

      It uses the starting hands provided by pokerstrategy. the current charts for NL are NL SSS, NL SSS with steals, NL BSS, NL SH and NL SnG. One of its coolest features is that it turns $$$ values into BB at the table. You can clearly see how many BB's you and your opponents have. This can be very useful for SAGE calcs when you get heads up.

      The only problem is that its in german but once you get used to it, its a no brainer.

      I highly recommend it and its free.