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50$ document of identification

    • TimboTombo
      Joined: 31.01.2006 Posts: 855

      I´ve done the quiz successfully.

      A day later i get a message by mail, that i have to validate my personal data.

      There are listed some possiblitys, to send you my data.

      One of them is:

      "In absoluten Ausnahmefällen (bitte nur, wenn du wirklich überhaupt keine Möglichkeit hast, an einen Scanner zu kommen) kannst du uns deine Daten auch faxen."

      "it means in english: When you have no possiblity, to send us your passport, you can send the data by FAX."

      So, did it 2 days ago, but now there are a message of your Team-Staff:


      wir brauchen kopie deines Passes uns deiner Meldebestätigung.

      Gruß Dmitriy

      That means: "We need your copy of the passport"

      But WHY you wrote in the first email, that i can send you my datas by fax....

      So, i have no solution, how to solve the problem, i have no possibltity, to make a copy or something.

      bytheway: The identification is only, to prevent abusing. So... You have all my data, you have my fax number, my telephon number, WHY you don´t call me? Or look into the telephon book, that i really exist. I am registered here more than 1 year.....

      I think, thats enough, to prevent abusing with my name!

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    • Stefan1000
      Joined: 24.01.2006 Posts: 1,649

      Why don't you use the german board

      You did send us a Word document where you filled in your personal data, sorry but that is not enough

      All our criterias for finding people who abuse our system are indicating that you are one of them.

      Please contact the support for further questions.

      Best regards,