Reminding my referred friends...

    • DeathByHobo
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      Is it possible for a mod or admin to send some reminder emails to those 'friends' I have referred who have got their first couple of points and then seemingly stopped playing before they got 5's very frustrating! lol

      I can't contact them myself because tbh I just spammed the hell out of a load of sites and I don't know anyone.

      Oh and is it unusual to have 40 or so validated friends with only 4 of them passing the quiz!? Just seems like so few =[


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    • darkprice
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      Well maybe you should try finding ppl who like poker and are in the right age instead of spamming, no one likes a spammer
    • s1ndr0me
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      having a blog myself and also having referred a few players (who are obviously interested in poker or they wouldnt be reading the blog) I have two on my list that have recieved the capital but not played. It would be nice If I could send them a small reminder that the cash is waiting for them. The community section of the website only lets you send messages if you are "friends" and if you make a friend request the form often "can't write to the database" the accompanying message.

      I'd like to be able to send my referals a personal email.
    • kingdippy2008
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      Hello DeathByHobo,

      I dont not have access to account or email information but i can say that PokerStrategy cant send a reminder. Im guessing however that all the email accounts receive information by email about PokerStrategy promotions and events.

      Best regards,