I play mtt's ranging from $ 5 to $ 27 and looking for a partner to improve our game. I also won 3 tickets to the WCOOP 2 of $ 320 and 1 of $ 215 from the extreme satellites. I studied a lot of the material on mtt strategy from the solid tag strategy from the Harrington books and the lag small ball strategy and trying to imply tries strategies in my own game and imply them in the right situation at the best of my ability.

Unfortunately I don't yet have any real big wins my biggest win is only a bit more then $ 1400 and my second best of something more then $ 1000 with a lot of wins ranging from $ 200 to $ 600 below that :s_frown: . But looking to improve my game everyday and hoping to do so with people that also like mtt play :s_cool:

my skype: Sirilidion