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    • cvora
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      I played SNG till 4 days ago, and now tried to play some FL holdem 0.25/0.50, and i dont understand how to make profit, when people pays everything EX: mid raise, i have AA on CO, reraise, he reraise me, we see flop, A 4 9, 2 spades, raise,reraise, blah blah....spade hit river, he bets i pay.....surprise surprise...Q4 of spades he had...... i looked on other tables for that guy, and he is chip leader almost everywhere....many examples of that play...A high pays till river, so bluff impossible.....QQ much more vulnerable than in NL holdem, i got busted every 2nd time, from weak ace or KJ, or AK, or 2 pairs like K8, 10 6, etc....many examples. I lost near 40 bucks on 4 tables (everytime i had premium hand) So i ask for some experienced player to tell me where is the catch?????? Thank You.
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    • fitz1
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      You just mentioned lots of reasons why u can can play it profitable:)
    • Waiboy
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      Hi cvora

      Read the articles, watch the videos, post hands in the evaluation forums. All the answers are there.

      What isn't there is just how ruggedly, FreakishLy HandsomE you've just become by playing FL. :s_cool:
    • opal99
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      that's the reason why it is profitable!

      If that idiot is lucky then fine, he'll go busted in another few hands. I remember maniac on 5/10 who sat down with $50 and left with more than $1000 in about 2 hours. These things happen and that idiot has now "winrate" of -13BB/100 hands after almost 5k hands.

      And btw: you lost 80BB? Well, you should accept it as standard, because it can be much worse... Variance can be bitch in FL.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • VirtuaGod
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      Originally posted by opal99
      that's the reason why it is profitable!
      I remember maniac on 5/10 who sat down with $50 and left with more than $1000 in about 2 hours.
      Have to try that sometime LOLOLOL