• PokerPlayer18
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      Hello, i just passed my quiz and chose my site and everything.. now poker strategy is asking for all my identification.. but i talked to my buddy a few months ago and he said he never had to do such a thing.. this would be hard for me because i have no way of sending it.. no camera, etc.. just wondering is it everytime someone trys they ask for ID now cause evryone ive asked said that.. and i dont think its fair to people like me who are unable to send in identification..
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello PokerPlayer18,

      Our ID check is random and a security measure that is necessary to make sure that we have underage players receiving the starting capital or that players register multiple accounts.

      If you don't have a camera or a scanner - or even cell phone that is capable of taking pictures - then perhaps you have some friends that do?

      Best regards