BSS 2NL non showdown.

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      I played No Limit SH on NL2 and NL5(with BSS I don't like SSS). But could not really beat it. with ups and downs I rarely lost or won money at the end of the day. On a bad day I lost $20 on NL5 and I wanted to play DoN's to win my money back and now i am really back at the begin. my BR is the same as a month ago.

      Because a server restart I was unable today unable to play SnG so I thought I try to play the full ring table (9 persons) and made $5 in 1 hour with 1 table ( I know this say nothing about my game). I have some questions about it. On the forum I read much people on this limit have a negative non showdon winning. Like 80% (this was also at SH)of my hands that I win are non showdown winnings is this a leak? because much callers on the micro limits and my flop bet is 2/3 the most people fold (and if they don't do it they fold on the turn or the river). Are the strategies here basic - silver only based on SSS or are they also usefull forr BSS like than I really aim on this articles.

      Before the Flop - The Basics
      Before the Flop - When do You Raise?
      Before the Flop - When There Was a Raise Before You
      On the Flop - The Basics
      On the Flop - When to play Aggressively
      On the Flop – When to Play Passively
      On the Turn – Theory
      On the Turn – Theory Put to Practice
      On the River - Theory
      On the River - Theory Put to Practice
      Bet types - why do you bet?
      Bet sizes - how much do you bet?
      Betting types - the value bet
      Betting types - the protection bet
      Betting types - the bluff bet
      Continuation bets
      How to calculate a Potsize-Raise
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