Playing low pocket pairs in early position and after raise

    • enemaze
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      I want to try integrating low pocket pairs into my starting hands. I follow bronze SHC, but i feel it's kinda weak not playing them due to their potential.
      Right now im playing more by intuition - open raise only, from utg i play 5s or better, and i add one for every position (utg+1 i play 4s, utg+2 3s etc).
      I know the SHC is a bit strict to prevent hard situations postflop, but i feel my post flop game at the limit im playing is adequate enough to figure out where i stand.

      Also i have another question. Lets say utg open raises, and im on the BU with 4s, for instance. SHC says you fold any pair lower than JJ. In that situation. what is the best play? Raising seems a bit excessive so i usually limp in that spot, hope to flop a set or a dry board in case villain has overcards. What is the standard play in that spot?
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    • lennonac
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      You cant limp in you do not have a big enough odds with small PP thats why the are not included. As with 44 you are nearly always facing over cards so they are for set mining only.

      the chance of hitting a set on the flop is around 8 to 1, so you will never have correct pot odds to profitably set mine this hand

      Hope this helps alittle
    • Waiboy
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      Hi enemaze

      The bronze SHC is based on the equity your hand has given the potential holdings of the players yet to act. Stick to the hands as shown on the SHC as playing weaker hands is -EV.

      As Lennonac notes, low to medium pocket pairs derive their value from hitting a set and require implied odds to become +EV. The bronze charts give you the hands you may limp/call with and when. Using your example, unless you have a caller after the UTG open raise, you don't get the implied odds to call (let alone raise) with 44. If you knew the blinds were super loose in calling then you may be able to make the call and get the odds you need.

      Stick to these charts, please don't make up your own strategy unless you've put in the math work to justify them!

      Good luck!