Question About Steps

    • p0rkus
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      some guy told me that any ticket you win in steps gives you the partypoint equivalent of the rake that amount of buy-in would have if it were not a ticket but real money - ..... well thats how i think it is, To be honest all he said is thatt you get lots of points with your 3$ if you are good at sng\s - somebody confirm some/all of this?
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi p0rkhus,

      Yes, each ticket you win covers the next step's buy-in and fee, so when played you earn points/rake exactly the same as having bought in with cash.

      I received lots of points when reaching the higher steps on a different platforms steps, but don't forget that this is just a bonus, concentrate on winning the prizes first and foremost.

      Good luck,