Rakeback on Poker heaven

    • glorioustito
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      Hy! I want to understand correctly the rakeback thing on PH! Let's say i play HU Sng-s and the buy in is 5$+0.25c. So if i play 400 (400X0.25c) Sng's i will have 100$ rake right? So i will receive rakeback! But if i will collect only 80$ rake one month...i have to start over the next month or i will continue from the 80$ rake accumulated?
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    • kingdippy2008
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      Hello glorioustito,

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      Im not entirely sure but i would guess that you wont continue and its just a month thing. So if you create €90 rake in July, you wont receive rakeback. Then in August you create €200 in rake then you will receive €60 in rakeback. Then in September you create €99.10 in rake you won't receive rakeback.

      This is how i understand it.

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