Cannot for the Life of me remember where i seen this? I think it was Annette_15's top live tourney tips -

"According to Dan Harrington @ a live tourney you should always try and spot any players who are trying to get home - some people have other things on their mind or have lost the will to play"

I read this before i went 2 play a live tourney 2nite, and soon enough after around 30mins one guy who had lost just under half his stack was starting to moan and said to a friend "Are You nearly out? So we can head in to town" At this i decided he'd start to get very LAG/DONK and low and behold he did! He limped pre-flop with like 25 BB then open shoved the flop I ended up busting him on a 6 high flop with 6 :club: 7 :club: VS his A :spade: k :diamond: For Ace High!

Just thought i'd share -
p.s. then took down the tourney :f_cool:
Sabo :club: