posgre pt3 password, and using pt3 and elephant

    • Janosikgdy
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      When you for a first time instal poker tracker, then programme creates postgre database. There are default settings like user name, db name and password.
      Could someone remind me that password? I forget that (yeah call me fish :f_love: ) , I guess I will need it.

      Secondly, I hope that you can run pt3 and Elephant on one computer. It is much easier for me to post hands from Elephant, but I prefer pt hud. (last time I used elephant more than one yrs ago, and it was so slowly. Maybe I will give another shot and try again hud, but I don't want saty goodbye to pt;-)

      So if I put posgres's name, db name and password from pt3 into elephant I could add hand history from pt?

      Need I say that I am total computer noob? :f_confused: :f_cry:

      Thanks guyes :)
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