How do I play 27, 45, 90 & 180 man SnGs?

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    • lsr002b0
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      Yes I am also curious on the differences when moving from One table sngs to playing the other types that are offered. I just treat these like MTTs early and once the tables start to break down (depending on the size) we move to middle/late stages of MTT
    • lennonac
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      Im guessing you will be playing the turbo's?
      I have played alot of the 45 and 90's with good success around 25% roi

      The 45's and 90's play about the same, I dont know about 180's as I havnt really played many.

      I got through about 800 last month.

      The play is very tight early as in a STT then the push fold stage hits. If you are not very good at push/fold then forget it. If you manage to get a bigish stack say 3-4 times your starting stack you have to abuse the short stacks, especially when the tables break down to like 6 handed before the final table. You will need around 9000 chips to be in good shape on the final table, any more than this an you will prob be the big stack.(This is poker stars structure)

      Its all about steels and resteals. Use a hud you will come accross players limping in high blinds too often....punish them!

      The final table plays a bit different to the early/mid stages in that everyonw tightens up not wanting to bubble. Pick your spots as the short stacks will be willing to call all ins with K high and going from 9000 to 6000 can be a disaster. If you have 12k or more I would be very active.

      Hope this helps a little