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    • tcs35
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      I currently play all poker and I don't do any study. I need someone to help my create two schedules. I need to have a day schedule and a evening schedule because some days I am working or at college so I would only have the evening and then some days when I have commitments in the evening.

      Things that I can think of that it needs to consist of are below:
      Reading articles
      Reading books
      Playing poker (obviously)
      Anything else I can't think off
      Watching videos
      Reviewing sessions

      Any help would be appreciated, maybe there could be a article made for scheduling / time management (if there isn't already)
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    • lennonac
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      I would add watching videos and more importantly looking at hands you were unsure of in you play.

      I play around 4-6 hours poker a day...fulltime and work on my game for around 2-3 hours.

      Looking at hyour hands played is one of the most important things you can do I think.
    • tcs35
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      Added those two things and will try make a schedule soon.
    • KidPokersKid
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      You should also be posting hands in the hand forums to have someone review them and also attend the appropriate coaching so you can see some live play and ask questions. These two things personally helped my game a lot.
    • Vargan
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      Hey Toby,

      This is what I think you should do:

      - Pick ONE game, and specialize in it. It lessens the ammount of knowledge needed. You get better at that one game, and spend your time better. Win win win.

      - Get Holdem Manager. (WIN!)

      - When you have free time and decide to spend it on poker, start by reading some strategy article, a chapter in a book or watch a video. Afterwards, you play. During any hand, if you ask yourself a question about your own play, your opponents play or any question at all, mark it (in holdem manager).

      - When you are done with the session, review the hands you marked. Post them here, or go over them with someone else on mikogo/skype.

      - Get coaching.

      I dont think having a fixed schedual will do you any good. What if you are not in the mood? Its better to do it when you have the time. If you ride alot of transportation its a good idea to have a book with you. (Unless you get carsick.)

      Ill post anything if it comes to mind.

      Hope it helps. :s_love: