Poker in a UK casino

    • DeathByHobo
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      Just wondering what to expect from casinos in the UK.

      Being 18 my funds are currently not expendable so what kind of cheap stakes can I expect in a typical casino?

      Also, what kind of dress code should I expect? I don't want to walk in with jeans and a shirt to find everyone in a tux lol.

      Finally, can anyone recommend any casinos with cheap stakes AROUND the Brighton and Hove area??

      Cheers in advance

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi DBH,

      It's been a few years since I went to a casino, yes that's right I'm a good bit over 18 ;(

      I'm not entirely sure about the cash games stakes, but they tend to run tournaments starting around £25 entry.

      There are lots of casinos in and around Brighton/Hove, but I would personally stick to the main branded ones. I understand the most popular are The Rendezvous and Grosvenor.
      I don't have any personal experience of these so it's probably best to do an internet search, locate their websites and find out the opening times/dress code etc.

      Just be responsible with your BR, it is extremely easy to get carried away with both money and time in casino due to the many distractions. I would of course also recommend (from personal experience) staying away from games such as roulette etc as these are heavily weighted in favour of the house (or just allocate a couple of quid to donk around with/fun purposes).

      I always used to go down with friends (more fun for less money) and always set myself a monetry limit (stop-loss).

      Best of luck,

    • kortegan
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      Yeah there are plenty of casinos around area but definitely Grosvenor is one of the best for poker in UK and is a national chain. I would say you might find it difficult to find huge amounts of cash game action, certainly unless you are very flexible - often poker is the kind where you may play vs. the house, or not always standard texas holdem if that is what you play. Also i'm not sure what stakes exactly you are looking for but generally stakes will be much higher several GBP as blinds rather than pennies :) so for 'micro' stakes your still best online. Don't forget casinos also tend to take larger rake than online sites.

      Having said all this there is typically great tournament action lots of rebuy and freezout tourney with buy-ins common from £20-£100, and of course is great to gain live experience and play ''sociable poker'' :)

      I'm not sure about specific casinos where you are, but some will object to wearing jeans but ye just ring and check/ look on websites :)