silver -> bronze regression

    • erob60
      Joined: 08.03.2007 Posts: 165
      Well, I did have silver status.

      My account thingy infact says this:

      680 Lifetime-PartyPoints
      73 PartyPoints in the last 4 weeks
      14 PartyPoints in the last week

      Now I'm bronze again and can't read the silver articles?

      I was under the impression that the status was determined by the lifetime partypoints, but if you were innactive for a month, you were temporarily reduced to basic. How does it work exactly?

      My computer broke 2 weeks ago and had to be sent off for repair, which was the cause of the innactivity. Now that I have it back, however, I will still be innactive owing to exam preperation. Will it be the case that when I eventually get round to playing again I will have to progress right from the start?
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