Some NL25 table chat...

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      So its probs not even that funny... im Pid_Koker btw ;)

      Danos195: stop 3betting me u ***get
      Danos195: see how i own u
      Pid_Koker: lol
      Pid_Koker: take it personally haha
      Danos195: spewy retrd
      Pid_Koker: rofl
      Pid_Koker: maybe i just get good hands?
      Pid_Koker: lol
      Danos195: **** I OWN
      Pid_Koker: hero call
      Danos195: cos ur a fkn ****** that 3bets so wide so im ahead of ur bull **** range
      Danos195: y do i own u so badly
      Danos195: its just unfair for u
      Pid_Koker: maybe i should stop 3betting you
      Danos195: maybe either way im not going to stop owning u
      Pid_Koker: do you really think im spewy?
      Danos195: get-a-real-stack or gtfo
      Danos195: dnt know tbh
      Danos195: havent seen u play
      Danos195: oonyl seen u 3bet like 5 hands in a row
      Pid_Koker: so u decided to call 87s
      Pid_Koker: nh sir
      Danos195: IP
      Pid_Koker: and then call 2 barrels
      Pid_Koker: with mid pair
      Danos195: lol yeh, std
      Pid_Koker: umm yah obv...
      Danos195: std against a moneky whose 3betting range is stupidly wide
      Pid_Koker: wait
      Pid_Koker: a few secs ago you said i was unknown?
      Danos195: relatively yes
      Danos195: but u actually 3 bet about 4 hands in a row
      Danos195: so i know u are 3betting light sometimes
      Danos195: get a real stack
      Danos195: srsly
      Danos195: these shortstackers
      Danos195: for **** sake
      Pid_Koker: well dont we all 3bet light at some time?s
      Danos195: get-a-real-stack or jump on NL10 so u dont piss me off
      Danos195: any decent player does
      Pid_Koker: well then lol
      Danos195: well what
      Pid_Koker: i must be a decent player
      Danos195: mmm u might have A high
      Danos195: but u see i cant fold
      Danos195: yeh i know u at least know what ur doing
      Danos195: unlike many of these noobs
      Danos195: lol at me trying to fold
      Danos195: please dont show me like 78
      Pid_Koker: nah its even worse
      Danos195: lol ok
      Danos195: i acutally thought u were decent
      Danos195: and when i say decent i mean like know fundamentals of nllhe
      Danos195: u dnt do u
      Danos195: or are u drunk or sumtin
      Pid_Koker: nah im just trying to tilt you...
      Danos195: i dnt believe u yet
      Danos195: i just think u like calling OOP with 84o because ur bad
      Danos195: until u prove what i first thought which is u were semi alright
      Pid_Koker: ****, i need to prove im a good player to you...
      Danos195: why is that
      Pid_Koker: u just said i have too
      Pid_Koker: ...
      Danos195: no i didnt
      Pid_Koker: lol you folded
      Danos195: says the one who defends with 84o
      Pid_Koker: HU4ROLLZ!?!?
      Danos195: lol nope, a bet with some1 i cant play HU until i crush 6-max
      Danos195: and dw im crushing
      Danos195: but i def crush HU NL YET
      Pid_Koker: whats your bb/100?
      Danos195: 14ptbb
      Pid_Koker: rofl sample size?
      Danos195: so running good
      Danos195: not alot
      Danos195: 10k
      Pid_Koker: O RLY!?
      Danos195: why rofl
      Danos195: used to be a loser in any cash game
      Pid_Koker: im running at 11bb/100 over 13k hands
      Danos195: are u actually a winning player?
      Pid_Koker: yeh like i said, im trying to tilt you
      Danos195: lol i play so badly
      Danos195: grrr
      Pid_Koker: yeah i noticed
      Danos195: whats ur win rate
      Pid_Koker: 11bb/100 over 13k hands
      Danos195: 6ptbb?
      Pid_Koker: guess so
      Danos195: nice
      Danos195: fk off short stack
      Pid_Koker: lol you rivered him
      Danos195: dnt turn made hands into bluffs buddy
      Pid_Koker: [ ] max value
      Danos195: r u being srs
      Danos195: how do i get max value when he raises turn
      Pid_Koker: BY SHOVING
      Pid_Koker: Its not hard, you just move the slider and hit RAISE!
      Danos195: stfu you stupid spewy lieing 3betting monkey
      Pid_Koker: yy w/e...
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