Tightness Vs passiveness

    • Cpwpoker
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      I'm a pretty much passive player and i think it is one of my major flaw.

      So i would like to have your advice about tight/passive Vs tight/aggressive.

      Which is better?And why?

      Yesterday after losing some bucks i decided to play aggressive - raising every hand i play preflop - this does not mean playing every hand but i fold if there is a raise before me when i dont have a strong hand and raise when i want to play a hand and no raise before me.Continuation bet on flop.And c/f on turn river if the villain follows.This was pretty successful as i get my money lost back + a profit of 1 BI XP

      This question may be stupid but i'm a fish who want to swim like a shark in the futur so want to know your view about being passive and aggressive.
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