My Day, Sweet Success At Last!!

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      It has been soooooolong since i've played any real solid poker!!! :D

      OK Yesterday, I won some chips in a couple freerolls// Around $2 so I went to play at the cash tables, and was up to around $7 using the SSS chart...BUT...

      After playing for a while I got fed up that I could not pick up a hand sooo like A TOTAL ASS!!!!

      I started donking it all off with Kj or worse, and before too long I was at $0
      :( (((((////
      came back at it today, registered for a $50 freeroll and ended up making it to 50th place for .44 - alright we're in business - :D My next step was to register for a .22 sit'n'go winner take all

      this tournament was the turning point in my day ~

      It was getting down to 3 handed and I ...was... losing I lost it all, and used my only .20 rebuy for another 1000 chips, very first hand K, 9 Clubs and I instafold.

      Flop comes Ace of clubs and club club, omg im going to be sick, would have tripled up with the nut flush. Oh well, gotta move on. 10, 10 turns my 1000 into almost 2,500, and soon I'm heads up with chip leader.

      I play it perfectly, X up twice, now I'm 11,000 he's 6,000 and now it's in my head I got this far I .. can't ... LOSE!! I let him get to 7,000 and then cut him down so it's at 12,000 to 5000

      The 2 hands that did it for me were 3,3

      so I call and let him bluff...fold he wins

      next hand i have Q, 4 but i can't let him take it so I min raise he calls, the flop comes Q and undercards so he just folds,

      . I am having trouble remembering what came next but i cleaned him out, and he rebuys once lol against 17,000 I push with Q, 5 Hshe calls A 10 Hs i flop a full house and take it YES!!!Win $ 3.50 and the tournament and my pride back lol

      It felt so good to come back and win that ~ then also I went to the cash tables, quickly made .50 hitting a K, 10 _ left and came back with $2 - made 6, 6, spiked a 6 and won another 3.50

      so that's where i am at now, :) I know it's a little but it came from nothing and it feels good not to be playing poorly ~

      articles have really helped, thanks guys
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