questiona about stop-loss mark

    • Sinnology
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      Hey guys.
      I ve found this site and forum to be very helpfull and its becoming my primary education site when it comes down to poker.

      I have a question tho.

      Curently I am reading artivcle about stop-loss mark.
      And if I understood correctly some rule of thumb is to set your stop loss mark to 50 BB.
      Now can someone pls be nice and explain me what 50 BB means in practice?

      And my second question is:

      I play mostly micro stakes SNG torunaments.
      That means those 1$ +0,25 buyin.
      Can someone pls transform formula of 50BB to SNG and tell me at how many buyins should I stop to prevent my loss?

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Sinnology, me again,

      I'll kick off with what I tend to do and then maybe some more experienced players can let you know what they think.

      Dealing with the Sng's first, it depends how you play them and how your feeling.
      e.g. I tend to 4x multitable sng's (stepped down from higher volume due to poor form). I chose to run these together and don't open up any more until they are all completed, meaning that as the tournament goes on, I am generally left with 1 or 2 tables still open to concentrate on as we near the money etc. I consider that to be a "set of sngs".

      I will typically do anything from just 1 set through to 10 or 12 "sets" in a session. I would tend to stop playing if I fail to cash in say 2 or 3 consecutive sets (8 to 12 sng's), but it really depends how you feel and how your playing.
      > If I'm feeling pressured, frustrated or playing badly, I'll stop.
      > If I'm actually feeling good and happy with how I'm playing (always entering ahead and in good positions, but lose to others catching lucky cards), I'll possibly carry on for 1 more set.

      You could do similar on just single tables at a time, e.g. if your constantly pushing in at the wrong moments and lost say 6 or 8 in a row, it's probably time to take a break or regroup the following day. Only you will know when it's right to stop really.

      Stop losses work similar in cash games, but you monitor how much you up/down overall. I tend to use Buy Ins rather than bb personally, so if I'm down 5 or 6 stacks in a session then I'll take a break or stop. But this works just as well with counting the number of big blinds your down as indicated in the strategy guide. Please follow the number guidelines in the guides as opposed to mine as I've strayed over time and adapted to suit my own style ;)

      When playing cash tables, I also tend to put a clock on the session and once my allocated time is up I will blind out and stop. This can be useful sometimes to avoid overtiredness and pushing too hard to "get back" what you've maybe already lost.

      Sorry, I've been whaffling again, you might need clarification on some of that, don't hesitate to shout and I'll try to explain better :D

      Best regards,


      Edit: Just recapped on the Stop-Loss article (click the link) and I'm not actually too far out...
      "If you are playing SNGs, don't start any new tournaments after having lost 8 buy-ins." - Middle of the 4th Section down ;)