50$+100$ or/and 20$ ?!

    • Foldamental
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      Registered, passed the test, chose 888.com
      1 day passed, I recieved a letter from pokerstrategy.com
      asking me to upload my ID. I did so.
      1 more day has passed, nothing happened.
      I saw 1 more thing, though.
      If you upload your ID at the poker platform, they give you
      a 20$ instant bonus.

      Question: Is this bonus connected to the 50$ bonus from the site?
      If I get 50 can i get the 20?
      If I get 20 can i get the 50?
      I will wait for my 50 for another day, but...
      When you say "two working days" do you actually mean it?!
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    • Foldamental
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      My ticket has been replied already :)
      Quite happy about it, but I am still looking
      for an answer to the 20$/50$ question
      Is this an abuse?
      I'm not writing about it in order to make a 20$ profit,
      I just believe it's some kind of misunderstanding in giving bonuses.
      Otherwise, 888.com just watns to give 20$ bonus anyway :)
    • kingdippy2008
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      Hey Foldamental,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy and the Forums!

      PokerStrategy offers $50 at 888 Pacific Poker so im really not sure where this $20 has come from. Maybe 888 have given it to you as a gift or something. I also dont know whether it will affect the starting capital payment so i think waiting and checking your tickets would be the best thing

      edit:ok so i just checked out the 888 Starting capital page and you dont receive a + $100 bonus, just the $50. Sorry for misleading you.

      Best Regards,

    • DiegoFueng
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      Those $20 has nothing to do with pokerstrategy. Pacific gives u those $20 when u verify ur account by sending the information they ask for.
    • Foldamental
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      Just as I thought :)
      The 20$ bonus is totally different :)