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Playing by pokerstrategy SNG chart

    • Sinnology
      Joined: 10.08.2009 Posts: 994
      Hello friends!
      Its me agan ;)
      AS I mentioned before, I play mostly micro stakes SNG.
      Everytime when I try to play by the chart I downloaded from the site, I am being mostly passive and fold, which is normal if you play tight, but one thing that bothers me is that I am mostly being eaten by the blinds in the middle and late phases of tornament and have to struglle for that one good hand I can go all in, and most of them folds, so I collect small pot and circle repets till I am desperate to go all in with hand like A10 or KJ and eventually lose mostly breath away before final table.
      So what I am saying here that despite the fact that I am playing agressivly, bet smatrly, I am never nether close of being a chips leader or having enough chips to play comfortably.

      So guys how do you deal with it?

      Are SNGs good way to gain poker playing experiances or is there any other type of HL which is better.
      I myself play it couse there are small buyins and in comparation to that good prices at the end.

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    • fakedurrr
      Joined: 22.11.2008 Posts: 725
      I play SnG as well, I never used this chart cause I dont like 10-man SnG but I will have to play them eventually ....
      but anyway, u need to have ur own style, and pokerstrategy gives u some basic advises, like tight early, cause tighter is better and loosen up later, pick ur spots etc
      I play 6-max with funny paying structure and I wasnt playin by any chart, I was playing opponents and my image and my own way of small ball, but I was jsut one tabling and when I started to multitable I am trying to use NASH
      so be tight early and then ship it in u need to use ur image to ur advantege
      for example, if u are sb and everybody folds to u, it is correct to push lets say 70 percent of the hands and even more with ur image , players range etc

      hope I helped :f_cool: :s_cool: :f_cool:
    • kingdippy2008
      Joined: 30.08.2008 Posts: 2,107
      Hello again Sinnology!

      Yes i agree with you that the late stages of a SnG can be very difficult to master. In most cases, a chart is actually not good enough but its a good way to provide beginners a start.

      For the late stages of SnG PokerStrategy provides Independant Chip Model (ICM) software. This compares remaining players and stack sizes and payout structure. From this you can work out a range that you can optimally shove.

      To start PokerStrategy offers ICM Trainer Light. This will introduce you to the concept and get used to ranges and mathematics behind it.

      Then after you are familier with the "Light" version, you can progress onto ICM Trainer where you can learn how to optimally shove.

      You could also turn up to SnG Coachings where you can watch this idea put into practice.

      Best Regards,