Planning to move to stars. Few questions

    • mChavez
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      Hi all!!

      I'm planning to move my BR to Stars, chasing their $600 first deposit bonus and more stud tables. Currently I play on FullTilt and I'm wondering

      How easy is the first depositor's bonus to clear?

      How good are the stud players at .5/1 and 1/2 tables? Are there many stud tables?

      Any reasons not to move to stars?

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    • travoltaJOHNy
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      One reason is that u won't get rakeback anymore, but you can go for the bonus and then come back =]
      I don't think that you'll get much info about stud, because it's not popular.
    • KidPokersKid
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      Isn't the rake back helping you at FT not to mention they have had 2 of the easiest Promotions ever; Biggest bonus and Take 2... Also I have played the Stud8/Razz tables on FT and there are a lot of really bad players there I am sure its the same on PS though I have never played there
    • Anssi
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      You should definetely create a Pokerstars account through Pokerstrategy. Strategy is the only place that gives you some extra benefits, every other site only gives you 1-time freeroll. That 600$ dep. bonus is easy to clear as long as you make 3 different deposits and split the bonus. If you make one 600$ deposit, it is very hard to clear as you have to clear all of it before getting anything. You have 6? months to clear it though.

      Pokerstars has toughest games on average, but it also offers most games and players, so you can pretty much play anything you want whenever you want. You can also do a lot more table selection here. Pokerstars is also the only place where can open more mid-stakes Sit and goes than you can handle.

      Even though there is no rakeback, there is the vip program that will give you 10-20 percent back (and 28-40+ % if you make supernova/supernova elite) + first deposit bonus without any reductions.

      There is another good thing on stars; the rake is a bit smaller as it is taken in .05 increments. Let's say you win 0.50$ pot. You pay no rake for that pot, while on other sites you would pay 0.02$ rake. Or you win 6.90$ pot. Now you pay only 30 cents of rake instead of 34 cents. That adds up fast.

      Stars also has the best software (just my opinion, some people prefer Full Tilt) and it is the best software for multitabling.
    • Justin37
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      Well it is 12.17pm in my country and i'm playing both tilt n stars pokerroom.

      75,000 on tilt
      121,000 on stars

      Stud table hi/low-hi: Tilt Vs Stars
      6-8 times more players playing on stars at the moment.
    • mChavez
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      Well, I'd say there are 2-3 times more players on stars that on FTP. BUT, this also means that it is easier to track players on FTP.

      Main question is whether the first deposit bonus is better than FTP rakeback.

      I find FTP software better than Stars though...
    • vonki
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      I'd say it depends on what limit and gametype you play. In other words: how fast you will collect the points needed to clear it
    • ihufa
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      a reason to not move to stars is that it's rigged

      can't think of any other reasons
    • excelgeo
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      Originally posted by ihufa
      a reason to not move to stars is that it's rigged

      can't think of any other reasons
      all online sites are