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Tips for my home game

    • enemaze
      Joined: 06.06.2009 Posts: 608
      I play at a home game with a couple of people, and mostly i lose and i wanted to see if you have some tips for me.
      The blinds are pretty low (in israeli currency it comes out close to nl30). Villains are very loose (some more than others) and have a lot of gamble in them.
      I think my main problem is because they're loose, i need to make a 10xbb bet to get some of them to consider folding their TJo,T8s. Normally i wouldnt mind, but it gets hard to play a 4-5 way pot with aces or AK against their range. The pot gets really big really fast and mistakes are very costly.
      Some of them love to take the blinds if there's a limpfest and i've been trying forever to trap them when they do this, most of the times it's either a friendly pot, or the aggro villains fold.
      It's also hard since if they sense weakness, they push you around with a big bet. It's hard to call a huge bet even if you have TPTK.
      Many times i make call with speculative (SC, small PP) hands when the pots are big, and because you need to make a huge bet preflop to get some players out, it costs me like a fifth of my stack, but im getting great implied odds since there are 5 players per flop.
      I've been trying to adapt to their play, tighten up, loosen up, but i just dont seem to win enough to cover my losses.
      I was thinking of playing some variation of BSS, but how do i play it if my 4Xbb bets arent respected? Is BSS as effective in live games too?
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    • Ka0s
      Joined: 05.11.2008 Posts: 722
      I would suggest wodka or beer.

      ... sorry couldn't resist.

      I know these games, I don't play them to win. If you want to win I guess you have to be more aggressive preflop? Play very tighr and make it really expenisive, but still be able to fold the flop. Otherwise just shove your hands preflop.
      I don't like playing like that, but the biggest mistakes these guys are making are preflop.
      You need to fold a lot of hands, that's why the vodka. Expect a lot of bad beats, that's why the vodka.
      If preflop raises are big and the whole table calls, you can sort of consider the blinds being bigger as they really are and you are all shortstacked.

    • Jackalof
      Joined: 08.06.2008 Posts: 1,462
      It's hard to call a huge bet even if you have TPTK.

      Why? You know they're loose, you're most of the time ahead with TPTK. Maybe you're thinking about money when playing and not the chips? Maybe it's an uncomfortable limit for you to play and you're afraid to risk your money even if you feel you're ahead? Just my thoughs.

      Personally I tighten up on tables where alot of loose aggresive guys show up. Always try to play in position against them, and don't be afraid to call/raise their bets if you have a hand. Observe if they tend to slow down on turn and make your move.

      Edit: oh, and yeah, vodka helps.