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    • Verre
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      So I play at stars and I'm tracked there obviously.

      My first poker account was at FTP and I rarely play there but I'd play there more if I was tracked here. I'm also playing 7-8 of the MiniFTOPs events and wouldn't mind being tracked for those.

      I emailed support and they told me that they could not retrack my account to Pokerstrategy but could retrack me to one of thier "prefered" partners who could offer me rakeback. I told them that I was not looking to go to anyone else other than Pokerstrategy. They said they where sorry and that my only hope of having this completed would be to talk to Pokerstrategy support and see if they had any experience with this.

      So my question is, is there any experience with this?
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Verre,

      I've never known anyone to be successfully retracked and PokerStrategy support really don't have any power to make it happen. The decision is totally down to the platform.

      Of course PokerStrategy would love to have you retracked through them, but it's out of their hands unfortunately.

      Best regards,