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    • Lizocain
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      Hey guys,
      I'm in trouble atm with my SSS NL10. Just lost about 15$ in half hour with very good hands, for example AQ AK AJ. My problem is, some guys always reraise me when I try to blindsteal with card like KQ (late pos) and they force me to fold all the time. After 3-4folds I go all in with cards liek AQ and ofc they beat me with things like 99, TT, or AJ. I should simply stop trying to blindsteal and just wait the best cards? I play a bit more hands then the strategy says, and untill now they payed very well, at least the blind stealing. Also another question, I dont wanna make one more thread for this. If I invite a friend here and he does 100 PS point, I have 25$ after him, but it says you need 25$ more to transfer the money. So I need to wait till he does 5k points, or invite other friends? And if you have the 50$ how you cash it out? Via moneybookers its possible?
      Thanks for reading.
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    • pootsman
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      Umm.. don't know if this needs a reply anymore but if you usually don't follow the chart then your not playing SSS. Read the posts and articles here and don't overestimate your skills.:)