Downswing on NL10 sss - PartyPoker!Help!

    • En3rGie21
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      Hi ,

      I`m playing Nl10 SSS on Partypoker for about a month now.And in the last 1-2 weeks I`m facing a downswing that I don`t really know how to pass or what to do exactly...
      I know ... now... that (simple , basic ) sss isn`t profitable anymore on the micros, everybody is sss now , there are tons of tight players and as xarry2 told me you need an advanced sss to beat them or something more than they know.So I`m trying to learn more from the gold articles : Steals / re-steals , re-raise - ranges , I am also using stats (Elephant) also Table selection is very important for me. And I really think that if I will learn very much , and watch videos ... somehow I will beat nl 10 with sss , I know I can do it against everybody saying sss isn't profitable...

      I will post my stats here :

      .. I know this is not a big sample ...this are hands where I used stats on players.
      Another thing that is interesting is the fact that I LOSE a lot of money on BB - SB - UTG : why is that?
      and the all mighty graph ... :f_cry:

      If u can help me with some advice I will really appreciate it ! :f_grin:
      And gl at he tables!(not like me...but at least I`m trying :f_cool: )
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    • Cpwpoker
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      Play BSS xD ?

      Less variance and more decision/experience base poker :P ?

      Or read all the Advance gold SSS poker articles xD ?

      Perhaps this is the "more than they know" which will help you beat them.

      If you are playing against tight opponent skill a lot of blind ^_^!

      until they loosened up and then trap them.

      Else dunno i'm quite a fish xD
    • En3rGie21
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      Tks Cpwpoker !Gl to u 2!
      Any other opinions ?
    • Ejeckt
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      Don't worry about losing money in the Blinds. I don't think it's actually even possible to be a winning player from the blinds. Just based on your # of hands/players will give you the amount of rotations you've played. And multiply that by 15c for the blinds per rotation and you'll see you actually paid over $270 I think for blinds over your 16.5K hands. So you have recovered a little bit of your blind payments.
    • RahXephon1
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      I see you are on the right track since you are reading the right articles. SSS is very swingy and the rake on micro limits is very big, so it can be tough to advance fast. At first glance from your stats it seems that you are maybe just a little too tight but it could also be because you play on a limit where general play is very loose.

      But don't worry experience is more valuable than a 20$ bankroll boost. I will tell you my experience. I had big problems with beating NL10, I was mostly breakeven or slightly ahead after rakeback. But the experiences I gathered there helped me a lot and now i'm playing on NL100.

      Some general tips.

      Try to seat at the table so you have loose players on right and tight on left.
      Steal a lot from players that have more than 85% fold in the BB (like you do, if you see players stealing from you at every opportunity you need to fight back), but don't steal from loose players.

      Post your hands in the hand evaluation forums, this is the best way to learn.

      Reread all the articles specially the ones on steals/the ones on how to play against other shortstackers and the one explaining how to use stats.

      Good luck
    • En3rGie21
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      Thank you very much Ejeckt and RahXephon1 for the reply . I am actually really trying to beat this limit.I am now using the Re-raise range chart from the gold article , watching daily videos on sss , calculating pre-flop equity , and reviewing my bad plays .
      I had a small upswing for 2 days...but it went back down :( . I think my biggest problem is the subconscious side , I see that when I `m beginning to lose slowly I don't tilt but after 3-4 beats everything starts to be a bit chaotic and I probably start to play an example of a hand I lost yesterday ... KQ - raise late position - got a re-raise - I should've folded but I went all in and he made full-house with TT.
      And a new graph :f_cry: :