Elephant stats

    • jxb1977
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      Hi all i'm trying to understand my elephant stats better. Could someone please tell me what these headings stand for;

      WtSDwsF 27.9%
      W$@SD 57.0%
      W$wsF 36.9%

      Also are my %'s any good? Have been playing BSS for about 4k hands, i know its a very small sample but just wondered if i was on the right track!

      Thanks in advance for any help.
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    • mrk1988
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      Hey jxb1977,

      unfortunately i can't tell you anything about your stats according to your play.

      But i can tell you what they stand for,

      WtSDwsF = Went to showdown when seen flop.

      W$@SD = Won dollar at showdown

      W$wsF = Won dollar when seen flop