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DoN help

    • SharkySmurf
      Joined: 31.07.2008 Posts: 114
      Can anyone outline a basic strategy/guide through the stages of these.. and are they a good way to build your bankroll.. thanks in advance.

      Ps i did check the strategy section but couldn't find anything.
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    • huluvu21
      Joined: 27.07.2009 Posts: 27
      in the strategy sections u can find basic informations about SNG. the best thing u can do is think about that informations and try to play...

      about that "good way": of course they are if u are SNG type of player (someone likes SNG, someone MTT, someone CG...). try to play that ones with low rake (lower limits -> higher rake). high rake is very hard to beat.
    • mChavez
      Joined: 13.02.2009 Posts: 323
      I'd say that DoNs are only good to boost your roll from about $30 to about $100. IMHO $1 sngs have sky high rake and absolutely unpredictable players, so I would play $2.5 dons instead of $1 sngs just to give my BR a boost. But on the other hand, if you don't know how to play them - don't play them=) Dons allow for slackier BRM only if you have some understanding of ICM and can play really tight in the beginning and know how to fold (I mean playing only when you are a great favorite, so, for example, that means being able to fold pocket TT and JJ or not playing pocket aces when it is againt ICM, which I found very hard when I was just starting=) )

      Dons generally will be slowing you down if you are a good sng player.
    • gadget51
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 5,622

      Strategy for early in DoN:....fold...fold...fold...fold...

      For middle:..fold...fold...fold...allin 1st and sb v bb (SAGE)...fold...fold...

      For late: All in 1st in v shorties sb v bb and BU, or fold to a raise (even AK etc) chipped up.

      'Bout it really, yawn stuff. But the rake is a crippling at 25% at micro level, so you better be good enough to beat it, multi-table, or as suggested by mChavez, play a little higher.
      Personally I quite like them because it's all pretty auotomatic and nice to give my brain a rest.

      Just a thought, If you are quite new play the $1 SnGs instead, they're really soft.