Defining Opponents (Im Confused)

    • aKooriStory
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      Im pretty new to internet poker i mainly play MTT and I am having trouble keeping notes on opponents. I keep general notes in my head but am having trouble when it comes to writing something on them.

      What notes should i be taking on them?

      What about when they change gears?

      How do i define an opponent?

      How much detail do i go into?

      Im confused, any advice would help me alot.

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    • Strodyn
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      Personally stats I have of players I do not think is accurate enough as I for one play totally differently depending on what stage of the competition, and therefore I never am sure what stage I got the stats from for them, and how they were stacked at the time.

      I think you are much better just gauging whether an opponent is loose or tight passive or aggressive by observing them in the current situation for a few orbits.

      I always like to keep notes about interesting card plays, anything basically that I would likely not do often.

      Eg, what sort of hands they 3bet with, or call 3bet with. Do they limp with AA they chase draws and if so passively or aggressively, how they play their monster hands.

      Just general stuff like that so that should I end up in a pot with them I am more aware of what they are capable of doing.
    • advola
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      I have several color codes-
      red - aggresive
      yelow- tight pasive
      blue - fish
      purple- known profitable players or moltitablers

      and i write everything i got on them..
      limp with 4,6s

      raise x3 with AK and didnt c-bet all hand when didnt hit

      called a 3bet with JTs

      aloat of check raise

      bet 6bb with the nuts.

      c-bets every pot he opened raised

      That is help me very much and i even got to a stage
      that when i moved to another table i feel in the dark until i have reads

      i have 1-2k notes on players so i often see noted players in my tables