Hi guys/girls,

Just thought I'd start a thread related to the PokerStars World Cup as I know this was popular last year and we actually had some members qualify.
Apologies to however it was last year (maybe Latvia or Poland but sorry my memory is bad).

Also the German team which went onto win I think had a German community member involved, but again I may be mistaken.

The U.K. like most countries had two qualifying freerolls. I fell early in the first and crashed out of the 2nd whilst lying in the top 20 after a good run (approx 2,500 starters) finishing 79th I think it was. Pushed AKs into a fellow bigstack after being reraised, he called and won with 99. But happy enough as only 1 place paid and need to take calculated risks.

Do we have anyone qualified yet in any of the many countries we represent?

Best regards,