Well, first of all, hi you all, as this is my first post here. Also forgive my poor english, as I'm spanish.

I have not very clear some of the preflop moves depending on the action when I'm on SB and BB, so following the SH silver chart:

Call - Raise:
If i'm on BB. I manage it as it were a BB defense with the agressor at the raiser (not the limper) position, am i right?

Raise - Call:
What to do if I'm BB? I manage it were a BB defense with the agressor at, again, the raiser position, am i right?

It doesn't depend on my position? I'm thinking about SB and BB specially.

Well, thanks in advance, and...
...Do you have some special advice for me to avoid my irrepresible urge of playing out of bankroll? Downswings have taught me not to do but I feel it again and again and I can't stand with it... Tai Chi? Yoga? :D