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      Hi people,
      I am member of Pokerstrategy for a very long time but this is the first time a post something I guess.
      I was playing NL Holdem for a very long time but winning nothing at all. I lost all what I won so I was a breakeven player. Lately I tried SSS on higher limits and lost a lot of money in very short time.
      Then I switched to FL hold em after a review of the basic and bronze level videos and my game improved very well. I won all I lost by playing 0.10$/0.20$ FL 10 player games. I won about 35$ at one day which is a great amount for me. I used to have Pokertracker to keep my statistics and I had a $/100 hands value of about 0.25$ in 26000 hands. How good is this amount for this stakes? What are your values for $/100 hands for this stakes? I just would like to compare to see how good I am...
      P.S. my pokertracker trial has just finished and I started using pokerstrategy elephant now. But it doesnt show the $/100 hands and $/day values. I would be very glad if you could include this stats in the next versions...
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