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    • RicardoWolf
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      Hi everyone, I'm not new to poker, been playing tourneys in my local casino for years but new to NL/PL cash games (not interested in FL).

      As mainly a live tourny player I'm struggling with the lack of tells on online tourneys and have read all the articles re NL SSS and have ended up covering my tourney losses playing cash games reasonably sucessfully thus far but they are new to me so a bit outside my comfort zone.

      Q for the wise - can you actually make money just playing online MTTs/SNGs or do you need to play the cash games to bankrole the potential wins from tourneys? I prefer tourney play to cash games (at the moment..I'm new to the cash games) so would appreciate advice as to which route to go down - focus on learning to master the cash games or focus on transfering my offline tourney experience into online success.

      As an adendum, thanks for this fantastic site, it's amazing to have a resource like this available to the user for free...kudos to you guys for building a business model where you win and the punter gets a break for free.

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    • excelgeo
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      alright mate nice to see you in pokerstrategy.

      glad to see you made your money back.

      some people do actually make money off MTT alone but they are extremely swingy as it can be a long time between tournaments until you record serious cashes so you need a decent bankroll behind you for such attempts.

      lots more to discover on this site too, you will be more impressed as time goes on.

      have fun

      post your hands to improve your game!
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Ricardo, welcome to the community.

      I wholeheartily back what excelgeo has already said, there is so much of great free strategy material, free live coaching etc available to you. Take your time to browse the site.

      It's good to see you and look forward to seeing you active in and around the forums in due course.

      Best regards,