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    • debelinko
      Joined: 11.04.2007 Posts: 182
      I am currently playing NL 10/25c, and i was wondering what is your experience in general about the difference between log/shorthanded play. I noticed the game on 6pl table is much more looser and therefore could be more profitable in the long run. What do you think? What are the pros/cons of short/longhanded play?
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    • undercover82
      Joined: 09.12.2006 Posts: 813
      Yea they are looser, but you must become looser too , there are not standard rules or charts about when to raise , when to steal etc as clearly as in FR , which makes it more difficult to play. Better wait till you get good at FR tables.
    • eplc
      Joined: 22.01.2005 Posts: 8,713
      It's quite different, espeacilly the preflop play becomes much looser and individual.
      You're right that it's more profitable in the long run while there are more swings as well. You need to understand the concept of NL in general and some time to get used to the different style of playing.
    • TomDG
      Joined: 06.05.2007 Posts: 10
      What does fr mean?
      I have a good ability to read other player so for me it's easier to play shorthanded. But it does n't relly mather for me.
    • Remoh
      Joined: 11.03.2006 Posts: 1,217
      FR = fullring => table with 10 players
    • faststeady
      Joined: 19.01.2007 Posts: 10
      i play mainly 6 max and find other than playing a wider range of hands that positional aggression is a lot greater.

      you will see more raises preflop from the CO and button, sometimes playing any 2 cards and then a lot more continuation bets, even when they/you miss the flop altogether.

      i suppose this is because the blinds come around alot quicker so picking them up regularly is more important than it is in FR

      to play shorthanded well you need more experience.

      i regularly go back to full ring to force me to tighten up when i feel i'm becoming to loose.
    • Puschkin81
      Joined: 14.04.2006 Posts: 4,786
      While playing shorthanded you have to make sure to

      a) be able to evaluate situations correctly (your opponents, your position, their position, your stack, their stack, table image, history at the table)
      b) adjust your play concerning the situation (tighten up, getting looser)
      c) mix up your play to confuse your opponents

      In shorthanded games situational play becomes more important. There are less standard situations than in FR games.
      In addition you have to expect larger swings than on FR tables. That means if you tilt easily you should work on that leak before playing shorthanded.

      Good luck!
    • awishformore
      Joined: 16.06.2007 Posts: 922
      I also feel like my strong point is reading opponents and outplaying them. In tournaments, also live, I always become much stronger when the table is down to 6 or less players. 9 players is often too much to keep an eye on, unless you use PokerTracker and are good at interpreting those stats. Also, on 6-player tables, since the play is looser, you get to see more cards, which will help you to read your opponents better. On FR tables, there are often a lot of tight players, so you won't really know how they play until you saw some showdowns.
    • Puschkin81
      Joined: 14.04.2006 Posts: 4,786
      sounds like you should try the SH-tables :D