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      Hey friends.
      I ve been member of this site for about months or so and my game improved drasticly.
      I mainly play microstakes SNG, today I played 15 tournaments and noticed pretty interasting thing, that sort of bothers me.
      When I play Single table toruanament I very often finnish in the bubble and win also.
      For isntance today I played 10 SingleTable SNGs buyin 1+0.20$ and 1 SingleTable SNG 3$buyin and statstics are :

      3$ SNG : finnished 1place
      1$+0.20$ buyin:

      2x 1 place
      2x 2place
      3x3 place

      Not bad, but I also played 3 MultiTable torunaments of 45 people, and despite the fact that I played those by same chart, same rules and very tight I finnish those at very low places.
      It happened to me before, so its not the first time I dont collect money with those MTT.
      Do you have any advices, how to play those tourmanets, or any comment that could help me whatsoever?

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    • MrPavlos
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      Well i think its kinda obvious that more players means more variance.

      The "tactics" are the same.
    • tofu22
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      as MrPavlos said before me more variance, so i think you have to play tighter in the beginning and save your chips, as it says in all the poker books - just survive, and wait for your opponents to bust themselves out. when the blinds get really high you play a decent push or fold game, you make a double up or you bust out.