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[NL2-NL10] 3 problems (2 bigstack 1 tournament)

    • ichmagmich
      Joined: 08.07.2009 Posts: 9
      i cant record hands (no programm) but i have written them down strictly afterwards.

      my first problem accurs in an fullring table (9 players)
      blinds 0.01/0.02
      i am mp1 with Q-Q
      mp2: insane loose at the moment; he pushed all-in the last 5 hands pre-flop, one was taken to showdown and showed a Q-10s
      utg+3: no reads at all, but buying in with half stack so mb not the best player overall

      utg +3(1.00) raises to 0.10
      me(1.78) raises to 0.30
      mp2 (0.57) raises to 0.57 all-in
      fold all
      utg push-all-in (1.00)
      me aka hero ?
      i have clearly beaten the range of mp2 and the players at this low limit push weak hands all-in very often so i see the "dead money" and deside to call. i won the pot with hitting trips and mp2 showed off A-K but thats one outcome, was it right ?

      second problem is still bigstack at blinds (0.01/0.02)

      no real reads
      i am sb with A-5s

      5 folds cu raises to 0.06 fold hero calls bb folds

      flop 2-7-8 rainbow board
      both check
      river 7
      both check
      turn 8
      hero bets 0.06 cu raises all-in (0.76)

      y somehow i cant call it, but i mean just 7 and 8 have beat me and come on he can t have them or ? i felt bad when folding somehow, well ok mb with an 8 he plays defense after river but he had top pair after flop ?
      my raise was because in this limits many persons call the turn raises and i have beaten everyhand without 7/8 which i wouldnt double-check somehow.

      the last prob comes from a tournament with buy-in 2€. i know it is somehow wrong but maybe you can accept my thinking also it feels somehow bad from the pott-odds feeling.

      9 handed
      i am sb with K-6s blinds 30/60
      2 persons limp i call too bb checks

      pot (240)
      flop A-K-Q A-Q same suit like my hole cards.

      hero raises to 120, bb calls, enemy1 raise to 720, enemy2 calls, hero calls!!. bb folds

      so both actions seem pretty bad i guess. but the first race was because all multihand-pots got raised till now but no re-raises are made (normally). so i thought i make a small blockbet, cause a normal raise in a multiway pot seems to be potsize which is kinda hard for me, also because of the ace i draw to nut flush.
      we are all players, who have an fine amount more than the starting 3000, so there is really much to win i still have aceptable amount of chips after putting the 600 more in the middle. and i really have the feeling with getting an super-bigstack fast its easy to get in the money. where as 3.800 or 3.200 doesnt matter everything so early in the tournament with so low blinds.
      also because of maybe being one of the better players i feel i can get these amounts of chips back in the smaller blind regions.

      well i hope it is understandable without an pokerhands-record programm
      sometimes i switched calling myself hero or me but i hope both is quiet clear.
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    • Kaitz20
      Joined: 02.02.2007 Posts: 27,343
      1)- easy all-in he can also shove there with JJ and as you said he isn´t likely the best player in the world
      I would always play for 50bb all-in pf
      2)- easy fold
      He is sometimes making a move, but often enough he also have there boat and you´re loosing a lot trying to find out that he is maybe bluffing 10% of times
      3)- you can call, since you have nut flushdraw and also K or 6 might be good.
      If stacks aren´t deep enough you can shove
      You´re not really that much behind even if player has set or straight