quick question about everest

    • ronekinky
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      just wondering why there is a rumour that everest poker is fishy? perhaps it has BEEN fishy once? i play there at nl50 6max. and it is VERY hard to find a table that is not full of grinding regulars. they all play either 22/18 or 18/15 style. just started wondering about this when i watched a training video today. it was fulltilt nl200 6max. and it was TOTALLY different. the coach played 4 tables and all 4 tables had 2 or 3 players with stats like 45/14 or 50/2 ... it looked soooo easy!

      (i usually play daytime 11-16..something like that. so perhaps thats the reason for the high quality players? hard to play in the evening when i have a girlfriend..=)
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