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      quote : You are facing 3 opponents
      Do not bet when…

      * … you are out of position against all opponents.
      * … the flop is draw heavy and you don't have any back doors.
      * … the flop is dry without a face card.

      EXAMPLE 1

      Pre-flop: Hero is MP2 with K Q
      Hero raises, 2 folds, Button calls, SB calls, BB calls

      Flop: (8 SB) J, 8, 5 (4 players)
      SB checks, BB checks, Hero ???

      so 3 oponents... flop is drawy and has a face card the Jack.. so we flod here...

      quote again :
      You've completely missed the flop and only have K high, but both blinds have checked to you and you only have one player behind you. The board is moderately coordinated; most opponents will fold when they haven't hit anything. You could even make a better hand like A high fold. There is also a face card showing, which you can represent. This is an example of a situation in which you can bet. end quote .

      how is that a situation in withch you can bet ?.. it is in contradictory with the above "guide lines"
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