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    • Bogdan1190
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      iv been playing 02/04c for 2 weeks now and i started losing from the beginig now im minus 150 Big bets (0.04 isa big bet ) after 5 k hands the problem is that i got tons of suckots becose there are so many multyway pots rarly im HU or a 3-way pot so yesterday i thought to try somthing . Usualy i was playng at the tables with the highest Players per flop stat from Party poker and yesterday i playd at the tightest tables that were availeble becose i thought that i could steal more and few players in the pot could be a good thing . even thou the articles sais to play on the looser tables . yesterday i finely had a winning day after such a long periond. what do you think ? was it luck or should i play at this kind of tables. remeber that is the lowest limit and it's full with stupid fish like yesterday i get called till the river with K3 and i got my two pair beaten by a straight. this kind of hand you would never see on higher limits or on tighter tables becose tight fish will fold K3 preflop i guess ...
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    • Waiboy
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      Heya Bogdan1190

      At those limits I don't think it makes too much difference.. all players will be moderately to mostly bad. A potential advantage of tighter tables is less variance - as you are less likely to have calling stations that will call any two cards preflop, then call down with Q high.

      TBH though it shouldn't really matter. Just keep posting hands you're unsure of and working on your game. I'm sure you'll get there.

      Good luck.
    • kennyxx
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      very important thing I learned is that strategy articles and charts are good thing to start, but don't follow them blindly. Use Your brain instead. Even when chart says to call, raise or fold, You are the one sitting at the table, You have to make a decission. You know the situation on the table, but chart do not. You should play line which is most profitable for You in given situation. No matter if it's standard one or not.

      On lowest limits the game is usually very loose. As I found, straightforward game is the best way to go. You hit You bet/raise, You don't You fold. Prefer suited and connected hands and be much more carefull with Ax type of hands. Against very loose and showdown bound oponents even continuation bet is worthless. On looser tables You win less pots, but most of them will be big. On tighter tables You will win more, but smaller pots. Higher variance is of course on the looser side. It's just about what do You like more.

      Just play the table on which You feel comfortable and enjoy the game.
      Good Luck :club:
    • fapaja
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      Agree with Waiboy. Dont ever bluff or semibluff in multiway pots and keep betting for value and you will make some easy $$$ in the long run.