Adapting preflopplay towards 1/3 blindstructure

    • Remoh
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      Now, I'm playing 3$/6$ and because of the new blindstructure I'm thinking about the changing I have to make in my preflopplay.
      I think, I have to become a little bit tighter in my blind defending ranges and my stealing ranges, but I don't know how much.

      So, my question is how much should I change my preflopplay.
      I'm playing with this charts

      Can any experienced player give me some advice?
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    • Pacer357
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      I have seen stox talking a little about this. He seamed to tighten up quite reasonably on both his button and SB steals. I don´t remember if I saw the video here or on stoxpoker. It´s SH but shouln´t be so different if you play fullring.
    • ciRith
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      The ORC is already a bit tighter than stoxtraders opening.

      As I played the limit (not too long ago) I just went one hand up in the SB.

      For example:
      85s --> 86s
      94s --> 95s (maybe 96s)
      T4s --> T5s
      K2s, A2s, A2o shouldn't be changed.

      3-betting should be a bit tighter too and calling/coldcalling still after odds.