unsure about something help plz :)

    • jordan999
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      hi ive clicked on the cashier- filled in details- and didnt touch the deposit options. ive also passed the quiz. so now i have a play money account not a real money account yet, i heard thats cos u havnt sent the quiz money yet and it will turn into a real money account when u do :) i am just wondering cos when i log into party poker and click on real money balance a pop up appears telling me this " the money in your account is part of a promotion that u have been offered. the rules of this promotion will tell u how to widraw this balance, to create a real money account/ or deposit, plz select ok and continue to party cashier. does this mean u have sent the money? when i joined the party poker i put in the promotion code T150 is that right? plz any help would be appretiated thx
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