rewards different amount of Strategy points to their member playing in different sites. The table at shows the amount of SP for each dollar or euro rake.
But in which room is it easiest to collect SP? i guess it may be bet365 or Mansion Poker because they reward 4 SP for each dollar raked which seems to be highest in the table. But I think it is not so straight forward. Because for some sites for example for Everest poker it rewards 0.5 SP for each Summit point where as it rewards 1.5 SP for each Partypoint at Partypoker. Since each site has a different point structure I dont know which points are easier to collect summit or partypoints...Thats why it is not so easy to compare for me.
So what I want to know is which pokersites are the best for collecting Strategy points? I play at Pokerstars ait rewards the least SP. 0.5 for each VPP and it is very difficult to collect VPPs in low limits. But the advantage of Pokerstars is that you can play so many tables simultaneously at any kind of game in any limits because there are sooo many players.
So taking that also into consideration which site is the best for collecting SP?
Which sites do black and diamond members play?