PokerStrategy Got What?

    • Justin37
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      Well, i've just reached 200FPP on pokerstars and now wondering...

      By giving so many people starting capital $50, how does Pokerstrategy earn Profit? I'm sure a lot of people blow their starting capital in the 1st day :)
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Justin37 & well done for reaching 200FPP,

      Whilst PokerStrategy do give out a tremendous amount of free money, they earn a little bit of income from the poker platform each time a member plays on a linked account. Unlike other affiliates however, PokerStrategy actually invest a large part of that income back into benefits for it's membership, e.g. the strategy guides, videos, free coaching sessions, various ongoing promotions etc.

      Full details of the business model can be found via this link:

      Best regards,

    • Justin37
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      Well tq u guys...

      Especially those genius who created this pokerstrategy.COM, for the starting capital and those ARTICLES which is, i found very useful for a new player like me.

      I've referred a friend and he just unlocked his $5 bonus and my $10 bonus as referal. However, he have received twice $$$ from PS while i never... Like this...

      This is an automated message sent from Full Tilt Poker.

      Affiliate Username: pokerstrategy55
      Player ID: ******
      Date and Time: 2009-09-11 21:52:32
      Transfer Number: A2P*******
      Amount: 0.62

      Status: APPROVED

      This affiliate transfer has been approved. The funds transferred are
      now available in your account.

      Thank you for partnering with Full Tilt Poker
    • kingdippy2008
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      Hello Justin37,

      Your friend received what is called rakeback. More info can be found here --> Rakeback FAQ (Look here first)

      Rakeback is only available at a handful of sites like Full Tilt and Cake Poker.

      Best Regards,

    • Justin37
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      Wel well tq for the fast reply...
      and rakeback info...

      I rest my case :)